Marygrove Retreat Center
"Come away with me into a desert place . . and rest awhile." (Mark 6:31)
Located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan


Can Non Catholics go to Youth Encounter Christ Weekends?
Youth Encounter Retreats are held at Marygrove Retreat Center and are sponsored by the Catholic Diocese of Marquette, but Youth Encounter is open to youths of all faiths. Young people of many different faith traditions have made Youth Encounter a rich and thriving force for ecumenism in the Upper Peninsula. I want to assure you that when you come to Marygrove your religious tradition will be respected. At Marygrove, we reverence people and respect the differences that exist between churches, all the while praying for and working toward Christian unity. Everybody on the Youth Encounter will be instructed to be respectful of our different traditions and expectations of each denomination.

What is the cost of a Youth Encounter Weekend?
Through the generous donation of a contributor and supporter of Youth Encounter, the cost of a weekend is only $25 per candidate.

What is Marygrove?
Marygrove is a Catholic Retreat Center, owned and operated by the Diocese of Marquette. It is the mission of Marygrove to offer a quiet place to stand away from the distractions of our busy lives. It is a place to rest, pray and gain a clear perspective. Above all, Marygrove is a place to deepen your awareness of God's presence and action in your life. A retreat at Marygrove, can be enjoyed with others, or designed for your own individual needs. Whether for a day, a weekend, or a week, a retreat at Marygrove can be a time of deep renewal in faith.

What do I need to bring on a Youth Encounter Weekend?
Plan to bring a sleeping bag and a pillow, comfortable clothing, personal items and (toothpaste, toothbrush, etc.). Food and snacks are all included in the fee for your retreat.

When does it start? When does it end?
Youth Encounter begins on Friday at 6:30 PM Eastern Time at Marygrove. It ends Sunday evening at about 6:30 PM. Car pool rides are organized from most places in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and many places in Northeastern Wisconsin.

Do we have to mail the application via US Postal Service?
You may either snail mail your application, or you may scan and email it to us at the email address below.

Who do I contact to attend a Youth Encounter Weekend?
The coordinators of Youth Encounter are:
Barry & Yvonne Voss
N1572 S. Circle Dr.
Norway, MI 49870

Email Barry & Yvonne Voss

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